Carly on Immigration

By Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America Press Secretary July 14, 2015 Unfortunately, the current resident of the White House has made it clear that he has no intentions of enforcing our country’s immigration laws simply because he does not agree with them – yet another example of his blatant disregard for the rule of law. ..

Recap of Carly’s Latest Visit to The Granite State

By Kerry Marsh, CARLY for America New Hampshire State Director July 13, 2015 Carly once again had a great trip to the Granite State!  The crowds were large and the excitement was high at each and every stop Carly Fiorina made in New Hampshire this week — 13 events in all. From town hall meetings..

The Sad State of Business Creation in the United States

By: Christy Paavola, CARLY for America Research Director Today on This Week, Carly highlighted a serious problem facing our nation.  While discussing our economy, Carly said:  “In fact, we’re destroying more businesses in the United States now than are being created for the first time in our history.” You can watch the video here.  Here..

Why Carly Is Right for This Nation

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America Press Secretary June 26, 2015 Last night, Carly Fiorina was on Hannity on Fox News. During the program, she articulated why she is running and why she is the best person to lead our nation: “I think our nation is at a pivotal point. I think ours was intended..

Fast Facts about Carly’s Tenure at Hewlett-Packard

By Christy Paavola, CARLY for America Research Director Date: June 24, 2015 During Carly Fiorina’s tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard… Revenues Nearly Doubled to More Than $80 Billion. Revenue For The Four Quarters Prior To Carly’s Arrival At HP Was $40.17 Billion.  Revenue For The Last Four Quarters She Was At HP Was $81.85 Billion...