Did You Know…The HP Board Was Investigated by Congress

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary November 20, 2015 Carly has not shied away from the fact that she was fired from HP in a boardroom brawl. But most people aren’t aware exactly how deep the dysfunction within the HP Board went.  After Carly left HP, the Board was rocked by a..

Did You Know…HP’s Size and Scope Is Mind-Boggling

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary November 19, 2015 The name Hewlett-Packard is well-known in American households all over the country.  But most people aren’t aware of the mind-boggling size and scope of the company while Carly Fiorina served as its chief executive. FACT: HP increased the number of companies it operated..

Carly’s Foreign Policy Credentials

By: Katie Hughes, CARLY for America Communications Director November 18, 2015 ISIS has declared open war against the West in recent attacks in Paris, France, and now we are witnessing the ramifications of our current administration’s failures to address imminent world crises. More than ever, we need a leader who understands the historical and political context..

Did You Know…1.7 Million Americans Lost Their Job in 2001

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary November 17, 2015 Shortly after Carly Fiorina took over at HP, the dot-com bust caused a nationwide recession.  Like many of its competitors and companies across the country, HP was not immune to this economic crisis.  But under Carly Fiorina’s leadership, HP emerged from the recession..

Did You Know…Carly Revitalized HP

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary November 16, 2015 FACT: Before Carly Fiorina arrived at HP, the company had fallen short of profit expectations for nine quarters in a row and saw an 18% increase in operating expenses and a 12% drop in earnings.  The Board of Directors went looking for a..

Under Fiorina’s Leadership, the HP Merger with Compaq Was One of the Most Successful High-Tech Mergers In History

By Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America Press Secretary UPDATED: November 9, 2015 With the economic recession of 2001 still crippling the tech industry, Carly realized that HP’s potential was not being met.  After careful consideration, extensive negotiations, and detailed planning, the HP Board of Directors, including Walter Hewlett, voted unanimously to merge with computer company..

Carly’s Tenure at HP, Illustrated

By Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America Press Secretary August 18, 2015 This week, CARLY for America released a new graphic detailing Carly’s tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard.  It highlights the positive influence Carly’s transformative leadership had on HP, including doubling revenues, tripling innovation and quadrupling cash flow. Highlights of Carly’s Leadership Success at HP Three..

Rhetoric v. Reality: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz

By Christy Paavola, CARLY for America Research Director RHETORIC: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “…a woman who nearly drove a FORTUNE 500 into the ground…” REALITY: This is a patently false statement by Wasserman Schultz.  While Carly was CEO of HP, she doubled revenues, tripled innovations and more than quadrupled cash flow.  In 2004, HP..