Did You Know…The HP Board Was Investigated by Congress

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary
November 20, 2015

Carly has not shied away from the fact that she was fired from HP in a boardroom brawl. But most people aren’t aware exactly how deep the dysfunction within the HP Board went.  After Carly left HP, the Board was rocked by a spying scandal that resulted in felony criminal charges being filed against the Chairman of the Board, the forced resignation of two Board members, and investigations by the Department of Justice, the SEC, the State of California, and the United States Congress.

After Carly Left Hewlett-Packard…

FACT: It was discovered private investigators hired by the HP Board used “pretexting” to obtain personal phone records of nine journalists and HP Board Members.

FACT: Carly Fiorina was also a victim of the pretexting.

FACT: State prosecutors brought felony criminal charges against then-HP Chairman Patricia Dunn.  The case was dropped after HP agreed to pay a $14.5 million fine.

FACT: In addition to HP Board Member Jay Keyworth, Dunn was forced to resign from the HP Board over the scandal.

FACT: Two of the private investigators working as agents of the HP Board were sentenced to three years probation for their actions.

FACT: In addition to the State of California, HP was also investigated by the US Justice Department, the SEC, and the US Congress.

Former HP Board Member Tom Perkins: “The HP Board is the worst board in history.”

In other words, the HP Board was the definition of dysfunction.