Did You Know…HP’s Size and Scope Is Mind-Boggling

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary
November 19, 2015

The name Hewlett-Packard is well-known in American households all over the country.  But most people aren’t aware of the mind-boggling size and scope of the company while Carly Fiorina served as its chief executive.

FACT: HP increased the number of companies it operated in from 120 in 1999 to 170 countries by the time Carly left in 2005.

FACT: The General Assembly of the United Nations was made up of 191 Member States in 2005, which would mean HP was operating in approximately 89% of the world.

Economist Thomas Friedman in 2004: “HP today has well over 150,000 employees in at least 170 countries.  It is not only the largest consumer technology company in the world; it is the largest IT company in Europe, the largest IT company in Russia, the largest IT company in the Middle East, and the largest IT company in South Africa.”

Friedman in 2004: “Just one company, Hewlett-Packard, will sell four hundred thousand computers through the four thousand Wal-Mart stores worldwide in one day during the Christmas season, which will require HP to adjust its supply chain, to make sure that all of its standards interface with Wal-Mart’s, so that these computers flow smoothly into the Wal-Mart river, into the Wal-Mart streams, into the Wal-Mart stores.”

FACT: In 2005, Carly’s last year as CEO, HP’s revenues of more than $80 billion were larger than the general fund of any state in the country – including California, Texas, and Florida.

FACT: HP was so large ten years ago that its revenue back then is even larger than most American states today.

FACT: In 2004, HP grew to be the 11th largest company in the United States.

FACT: During Carly’s tenure, the number of employees at HP grew from 84,400 in 1999 to 150,000 in 2005.

Now that’s some serious executive experience.