Did You Know…Carly Has Received Lots of Praise for Her Foreign Policy Experience

By: Leslie Shedd, CARLY for America National Press Secretary
November 24, 2015

Last week, Carly joined guest host Kimberly Guilfoyle on On the Record to discuss her extensive foreign policy experience.

Carly Fiorina: “Well first I’ve done business and charity and policy work around the world for decades. I mean I have been in the Middle East and in Europe and in China and I’ve met world leaders, more world leaders probably than anyone else running with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton. I have also chaired the advisory board at the CIA, advised the CIA, the NSA, two Secretaries of Defense, the Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security. I’ve held the highest clearances available to a civilian. I know most of our military generals and I know what a tragedy it is that some of our greatest military minds, whether it’s Stan McChrystal or Jack Keane or Mike Flynn or General Petraeus, basically were shoved aside and their advice has been ignored much to the peril of this nation.”

But did you know that Carly Fiorina has received praise from top national security advisers and conservative voices?

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: “I would offer you the view that the chief executive officer from Hewlett-Packard has plenty of opportunity to immerse herself in the broader questions of diplomacy, global commerce and global issues.  In fact, one might make the argument that that’s as good a preparation as any.”

Former Navy SEAL Leif Babin: “She’s someone that I’d certainly be happy to get behind, and I think those currently serving, and my former colleagues, would do the same. I think that she’s someone who would scare our adversaries, because they know that she’s not going to back down. I think folks like Vladimir Putin and Iran would be quaking in their boots if Carly Fiorina were our Commander-in-Chief.”

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol: “‘She can go into detail on Russia, China and the Middle East. She has a breadth of knowledge you wouldn’t expect from a former CEO.”

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Fiorina far more prepared on natl security than most of the field. More detailed, more realistic, less empty bombast”

FOX News Richard Grenell: “I’m beginning to think the best GOP candidate on foreign policy and national security is @CarlyFiorina.”

FOX News Kimberly Guilfoyle: “I think you were one of the first candidates to articulate with specificity a real strategic and strong foreign policy approach for the United States going forward.”